Greetings. My name is Douglas Peterson. I manage, and own 100% of, Douglas Peterson Investments.

Since 1997, I have worked in the Commercial Real Estate Industry, although I did take three years to attend Northwestern University’s School of Law in Chicago. After graduating and becoming an attorney in 2003, I returned to Albuquerque. Since that time, I have completed dozens of commercial real estate developments throughout New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas while simultaneously increasing the size, occupancy and quality of my companies’ portfolio of properties. My experiences have involved training and managing property managers and leasing representatives; interacting with and managing vendors and service providers such as architects, contractors, lenders, appraisers, engineers, consultants, utilities, attorneys, surveyors, and title companies; marketing to and completing deals with tenants and buyers; purchasing and leasing from property owners; and collaborating and compromising with stakeholders such as principals, neighbors, government staffers, and planning officials. Those experiences have brought me into contact with, and allowed me to learn from, thousands of professional people thoroughly involved in the development, redevelopment, and management of commercial real estate. Additionally, I have been pleased to be actively involved with New Mexico’s community. In 2014, I completed a full term of six years on the Albuquerque Environmental Planning Commission, which I chaired for over two years of my tenure. From 2009 to 2011, I served the State of New Mexico as a member of the New Mexico State Transportation Commission. In addition to being licensed to practice law in the State of Illinois since 2003, I became licensed to practice law in New Mexico in 2012 and have been a licensed real estate broker in the State of New Mexico since 1998.

I sincerely thank you for visiting this site and considering purchasing a Promissory Note. The offering of Promissory Notes came about because it occurred to me that my Company could pay individual investors a steady, predictable interest rate that was much more than the investors could get from most other comparable passive investments, but still be competitive with rates offered by banks.

Please look through this site thoroughly and make sure to ask us any questions that occur to you. Throughout, please remember this: All investments, including this one, have risks that you will need to consider before investment; however, my Company has never defaulted on a loan or failed to make a payment when due.

The trust that you put in Douglas Peterson Investments, LLC, by buying a Promissory Note is an honor to me.

Very Truly Yours,
Douglas Peterson