Douglas Peterson Investments, LLC (the “Company”) is a New Mexico limited liability company formed in 2004 to acquire, develop, redevelop, sell, invest in, finance and otherwise deal with commercial real estate in New Mexico. The Company’s portfolio includes 29 properties totaling approximately 291,978 square feet, as well as two New Mexico liquor licenses. The Company’s assets generate approximately $3,621,289 in annual revenue and approximately $2,374,783 in annual net operating income.

The Company seeks to enhance its existing portfolio of income producing commercial real estate while also growing it, with a continued focus on commercial real estate investments and developments in metropolitan Albuquerque, NM.

Through its Manager, Douglas Peterson, and his direction of certain employees of Peterson Properties, LLC, the Company manages its Properties. This management includes physical maintenance, lease administration, financing, accounting and rent collection. Additionally, the Company advertises its properties for lease and procures most renters directly and occasionally through real estate broker intermediaries. The Company has grown gradually since 2004 and its Properties include both ground-up developments, where the Company improved vacant land, and the acquisition of existing improved properties which, in most cases, the Company physically improved further in order to enhance value and leasibility. The Company owns 100% of the Properties. Click Properties to see the Company’s Properties.