About Us

Douglas Peterson Investments, LLC (the “Company”) is a New Mexico limited liability company formed in 2004 to acquire, develop, redevelop, sell, invest in, finance and otherwise deal with commercial real estate in New Mexico.   The Company has nine wholly-owned subsidiaries: Peterson-98th/Central, LLC; Peterson Downtown Investment, LLC; 4900 Central, LLC; P & C Downtown Parking, LLC; Peterson Gold, LLC; Carlisle Shops, LLC; 7001 Menaul, LLC; Crossroads at 4th and Central, LLC and 3rd and Gold, LLC.

The Company’s portfolio includes eleven properties totaling approximately 136,397 square feet of buildings generating approximately $1,658,000 annually in revenue and $1,282,000 in Net Operating Income.  All of the Company’s assets are in New Mexico.

The Company seeks to enhance its existing portfolio of income producing commercial real estate while also growing it, with a continued focus on commercial real estate investments and developments in metropolitan Albuquerque, NM.

Through its Manager, Douglas Peterson, and his direction of certain employees of Peterson Properties, LLC, the Company manages its Properties.  This management includes physical maintenance, lease administration, financing, accounting and rent collection.  Additionally, the Company advertises its properties for lease and procures most renters directly and occasionally through real estate broker intermediaries.  The Company has grown gradually since 2004 and its Properties include both ground-up developments, where the Company improved vacant land, and the acquisition of existing improved properties which, in most cases, the Company physically improved further in order to enhance value and leasibility.  Some of the Properties were developed or acquired along with partners or other members within the limited liability company that owns each particular property.  But, over time, the Company acquired all of those partners’ or other members’ interests.  The Company owns 100% of the Properties. Click Properties to see the Company’s Properties.


A Message from Douglas Peterson

DouglasPetersonI sincerely thank you for visiting this site and considering purchasing a Certificate of Investment.  Over the last several years, the United States and other countries have been printing so much money that they’ve driven interest rates to historic lows.  That’s good for a commercial real estate investor like me, but not good for savers and investors that count on the interest that their money should provide.  Seeking higher returns often means trying your hand at the stock market or giving it over to a fee-charging financial advisor.  So it occurred to me that my company could pay savers a steady, predictable rate that was much more than they would get from most other comparable passive investments, but still be rates that were lower than I would have been paying to banks for loans on my Properties.  We’re cutting out the middle man and sharing the benefits.

Please look through this site thoroughly and make sure to ask us any questions that occur to you.  Throughout, please remember this: All investments, including this one, have risks that you will need to consider before investment; however, my company has never defaulted on a loan or failed to make a payment when due.  The trust that you put in Douglas Peterson Investments, LLC, by buying a Certificate of Investment is an honor to me.  Offers and sales of Certificates are made pursuant to the offering Memorandum only.

Very Truly Yours,

Douglas H. Peterson